Nicholas Cage Movies List Possibly to Include Remake of ‘Left Behind’ – Why?

Nicholas Cage "Left Behind"

ENTV reports on news of Nicholas Cage possibly signing on for a re-make of 2000’s “Left Behind” film. reports that Hollywood’s most unpredictable actor, Nicholas Cage, is in talks to potentially sign on for a “re-imagining” (my description) of the top grossing 2000 Christian film  “Left Behind” that starred Kirk Cameron. The film (which also had a sequel that I think went straight to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, or should have), was based on the popular “Left Behind” book series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. Now, for some strange reason, the film is being re-done, potentially staring Cage…who may either be the hero or the villainous Nicolae Carpathia aka THE Antichrist. People have been reacting with…dread and much perplexity. Details in side. Continue reading →


Christianity Today List of ’50 Women You Should Know’

‘Christianity Today’ published online Friday a list that appears in its Oct. 2012 magazine that puts together 50 women its editors feel the Christian community should be aware of. In its explanation, Sarah Puliam Bailey, online editor for Christianity Today, writes:

“To create this list, we asked dozens of evangelical leaders to identify Christian women in North America whom evangelicals (both men and women) admire and who are shaping the life of the church and culture in significant ways. We tabulated the results, and ended up with 50 that clearly stood out. We decided to profile a few of these women, especially those whom we feel readers should know more about (and who have not already been profiled in CT). As with any list, readers (like the editors) will argue about who should be included and who should not. This list is hardly the last word, but it recognizes the growing public role of Christian women in our movement and culture, and suggests the ways they are shaping our future.”

Here are five women featured on Christianity Today’s list (in no particular order):

Mavis Staples: Gospel Singer
“Her music remains focused on love, hope, and justice. Over many decades, she has helped introduce the gospel to millions.”

Mavis Staples

Mavis Staples (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bethany Hamilton: Professional Surfer
“At age 13, she lost her left arm after being attacked by a shark. But within three weeks, she was back in the water, and she slowly learned how to get up and balance without the use of her arm.”

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton (Photo credit: Kanaka Menehune)

Christine Caine: Antislavery Crusader
“Caine and her husband founded the A21 Campaign to confront modern-day slavery in Eastern Europe. The campaign works with churches and government authorities to prosecute traffickers, educate communities on prevention, and run shelters for victims.”

Willow Leitungskongress 2012 - Tag 1

Willow Leitungskongress 2012 – Tag 1 (Photo credit: Willow Creek D/CH)

Rachel Held Evans: Author and Blogger
“Evans’s contrarian approach treads the path of many other “post-evangelicals,” and her essays often read like Exhibit A for Barna Group’s unChristian. With 1.2 million unique visitors to her blog in the past year, Evans is clearly striking a chord.”

Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jordin Sparks
“At 17, Jordin Sparks became the youngest winner of American Idol, continuing on in the mainstream as a pop and r&b recording artist.”

idol jordin (jordin sparks in concert #2)

idol jordin (jordin sparks in concert #2) (Photo credit: jmtimages)

See the full list at

Does Lecrae…Drink, Cuss, Smoke Weed (Really People?)

Rehab (Lecrae album)

Rehab (Lecrae album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After noticing that a couple of online search queries involved the question of whether rapper Lecrae Moore was “for” President Barack Obama, I decided to see what else the kiddies and grown folks had been searching for… and boy was it a shock. While typing in “does Lecrae…” into Bing and Google, suggested phrases included “believe word of faith”, “have kids”, “cuss”, and “smoke weed” among others. Yahoo search was pretty boring, and is apparently unpopular, as the only suggested search phrase was “does lecrae cuss/curse”. Here’s a snapshot of what inquiring minds apparently want to know about Lecrae Moore of Reach Records and the 116 Clique (that’s Romans 1:16). Continue reading →