The Game Drops ‘Jesus Piece’ Album Cover Art, Sparks ‘Religion’ Debate

"Jesus Piece" album cover art from The Game

Rapper The Game tweeted this image for his new album Oct. 22, 2012: “My album cover is art & represents small pieces of things that I have embodied, embraced, struggled, grown…” (Photo: Twitter/@thegame)

Rapper The Game shared with his fans online today the artwork for his new fifth studio album “Jesus Piece,” writing: “My album cover is art & represents small pieces of things that I have embodied, embraced, struggled, grown…” The Game, who also recently got a Jesus piece tattooed on his back (see photos here) has shared recently that he was baptized in a Christian church late last year, but sees no need to fully change his lifestyle, which involves visiting strip clubs and smoking weed. As expected, the album cover art for “Jesus Pieces”, which has Jesus wearing his own Jesus piece (huh?) has sparked a bit of a debate among his fans and supporters and those who find his choice of art to be “blasphemous” and a “downgrading” Christ.

A post on one of The Game’s many websites (ThisIzGame) describes the imagery of the album cover:

It depicts an African-American Jesus Christ that is wearing a red bandana that covers the lower portion of his face. He is also rocking and pointing to a gold “Jesus Piece” and in the background are also palm trees and “kush” symbols as well as “JP” logos styled after the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram.

The “S” in the Jesus Piece title is also made to look like a “5,” denoting that this is the Game’s fifth, and allegedly final album on Interscope records. Jesus Piece is due out in December, while Game’s VH1 reality show, “Marrying The Game” which chronicles his upcoming wedding to longtime girlfriend Tiffney Cambridge, debuts November 19th.

Here are what some folks had to say about the artwork:

gladyshp01 – “Don’t pay attention to the bad comments that people are giving u. There must be an important reason y u decided to make this your album cover.. So ignore those comments and just keep identifying yourself to God the way you think it’s best!!”

senorflores – “The only thing I think is wrong is Jesus wearing a Jesus piece. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t conceited like that, he probably rocked a virgin Mary piece or like an iced out hammer because he was a carpenter.”

rogunnz – “Really tho?? Everybody cussin and carrying on and y’all defending God and religion?? I didn’t know that’s how that works… Judge not less ye be judged. His album cover won’t damn his soul or save yours let the man be.”

labella_305 – “So sick of rappers like u and Nikki thinkin y’all can slander the catholic religion for your artistic purposes!!! It’s lame not to mention disrespectful!”

What do you think? Has The Game gone too far with this album cover, or is he just expressing where he is right now in Christ?


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