Nicholas Cage Movies List Possibly to Include Remake of ‘Left Behind’ – Why?

Nicholas Cage "Left Behind"

ENTV reports on news of Nicholas Cage possibly signing on for a re-make of 2000’s “Left Behind” film. reports that Hollywood’s most unpredictable actor, Nicholas Cage, is in talks to potentially sign on for a “re-imagining” (my description) of the top grossing 2000 Christian film  “Left Behind” that starred Kirk Cameron. The film (which also had a sequel that I think went straight to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, or should have), was based on the popular “Left Behind” book series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. Now, for some strange reason, the film is being re-done, potentially staring Cage…who may either be the hero or the villainous Nicolae Carpathia aka THE Antichrist. People have been reacting with…dread and much perplexity. Details in side.

Variety writes:

Nicolas Cage is in negotiations to topline “Left Behind,” a mainstream reboot of the Christian-themed movie trilogy that will mark the first film from Stoney Lake Entertainment, a new production company led by Paul Lalonde of faith-oriented banner Cloud Ten Pictures. …

Lalonde will produce the action thriller with Michael Walker, and co-write the script with John Patus, who wrote 2005’s “Left Behind: World at War.” Veteran stunt coordinator and second unit director Vic Armstrong (“Army of One”) is in talks to direct.

Project, budgeted in the $15 million range, was shopped at last year’s American Film Market. Production is expected to begin in early spring with an eye toward wide release in the fourth quarter of 2013. Lalonde told Variety that there is a theatrical guarantee in place from distributor Samuel Goldwyn Films.

The Christian-themed “Left Behind” reboot will follow a group of survivors during the first few hours after the Rapture.

In addition to “weird” and “whaaaat?”, here are a couple of reactions on news of Cage possibly stepping into Kirk Cameron’s role in “Left Behind”.

alphacauseIs (YouTube) – Nicholas Cage trying to put the final nail in the coffin of his career!? The Left Behind series of novels has a terrible story line and terrible dialogue. And of course, it is based on a theological perspective that unfortunately is adhered to by too many credulous people. It is a theological view that looks forward to a bloody apocalypse to usher in the messiah. It is view of the world that hates this life and wishes it to end. To hell with Nicholas Cage for pandering to these lunatics.

One person has expressed hope in the re-make, writing on YouTube:

christianfilmer1500 -Hmm…as a Christian, I have seen the Left Behind films a few times. And while they are not the best, they are fairly enjoyable. I’m VERY interested to see how this re-boot goes. If they can produce a better version while keeping things fairly close [to the book] it could work. Nic has had a lot of misses and hits. I like him a lot in the National Treasure films and in The Sorcerers Apprentice. If these can be like those, he may have a shot.

Finally, someone shared a 2010 clip from CollegeHumor that shows the strange thinking some believe is behind Cage’s movie choices (profanity involved): Although the answer might actually be due to the fact that Cage is busted. As Business Insider shared in 2009: “A member of the famous Coppola family, Cage spent lavishly over the years, accumulating 9 Rolls Royces, 30 motorcycles, exotic pets, multiple luxury vehicles, a castle, and homes throughout the world. It’s no wonder he’s now being hunted by the IRS for tax evasion — he’s broke!”

So is a “Left Beind” reboot a good thing, or a totally bad idea?


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