5 ‘Jesus’ Billboards That Should Have Never Been Made

Corcovado jesus

Corcovado jesus (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Have you ever been minding your own business just driving down a highway and suddenly see a billboard making claims about Jesus in an to effort evangelize or to politicize…but in a really horrible way? You’re not alone. Have a look at 5 ill-conceived, badly placed or just plain awful “Jesus” billboards, and read comments from some of their victims and fans.

Note: The Twitter quotes have absolutely nothing to do with the billboards shown.

CornersOfTheGalaxy (@HumbleHumor21): “I saw the ‘Jesus was a Jew not a Christian’ billboard again today. On my momma I wish I could take a picture for proof. No lie! LOL I’m sorry.”

1. This billboard’s pretty classy…and accurate.. Christians may get the meaning here, but how might this go over with outsiders? Not a good look.

Jesus Billboard

Devante Price (@D_PRiiCE): “Just passed a billboard that said ‘Going to Hell? Ask Jesus into your heart and be saved’ I mean really?? Come on now guys.”

2. This particular “Jesus” billboard wouldn’t be so awful of course if there wasn’t an adult video sign directly behind it. Let’s hope this image is a product of Photoshop.

Jesus Billboard

Hannah Milby: “Just saw a billboard that said “Jesus Christ is the only answer for America.” #amen #jesusforpresident.”

3. This billboard is bad, bad, bad — Jesus holding a can of Budweiser beer? Another example of why GOD must have prohibited the making of graven images.

Jesus Billboard

Owen Thomas: “Driving through southern Indiana. Jesus is the only man who’s bought up more billboard space than Romney.”

4. So…these two statements are references to Sylvester Stallone’s “Rambo” movie and just about every movie Arnold Schwarzenegger has made? I get the whole coming back for judgment thing, but why would the Lord be removing himself from the Cross? Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose?

Nani: “I saw a billboard that said Jesus is coming on Thanksgiving so I started laughing and read it out loud [and] my grandma yelled DON’T MOCK JESUS.”

5. This one is just hilarious. First off all, where do we begin? Why would Jesus care about Christmas? Honestly, though — he wasn’t actually born on Dec. 25, nor likely even in the winter according to some scholars. Second, are folks supposed to feel guilty and think Jesus is angry with them for choosing to use another term, like “happy holidays,” instead of “Merry Christmas”? Finally, stop it! This is another example of how Christians in America need to get our priorities right.


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