Lecrae Corrects ‘the Media’: I’m Not a Pastor, Former Gang Member Or the Only Christian Rapper

After the Music Stops

After the Music Stops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently rapper and Christian minister Lecrae might have gotten a little annoyed with misrepresentations of him in the press. He sent out a note on his Facebook page Monday, writing: “Dear media: I’m not a Pastor. I was not a gang member. I went to college. I’m not the only Christian who raps. I do Hip Hop. #thatisall.”

It would be nice to be properly represented all the time, especially when your name seems to take on a life of its own. But what is Lecrae complaining about really? That God has made him “famous”?

No, Mr. Lecrae Moore, age 33 and married with kids, is not an ordained pastor, but he is a minister of the Gospel and God’s grace…as every professing Christian is called to use the blessings and gifts given to them by God to bless others. (see 1 Corinthians 12 for example)

Lecrae says he was not a gang member. However, he has testified that he looked up to gangsters as a kid, was arrested as a teen for stealing and wound up on a gang list. He also told Complex magazine in June:

“… I was infatuated with gang life. I tried pretty much every drug there was to try, except for heroin and crack. I was out there.”

He told The Denver Post, also in June:

“I was always one foot in and not too far away from problems,” he said. “Then my mom moved to Texas to get out of that environment. It was probably a good thing, no it was a good thing. It was challenging, I embraced the gang affiliations but there was no tolerance for it in Texas.

“In Denver, there were the Bloods and Crips, and my family lived in a Blood neighborhood. I was encouraged not to get involved, but I idolized them and wanted to become one of them. In high school we had cliques, not really gangs, but I was with a group of guys that were stirring up trouble.”

Lecrae shares as much in his testimony for “I Am Second“, which you can watch here: http://www.iamsecond.com/seconds/lecrae/

Of course, Lecrae isn’t the only Christian who raps, or has been successful “doing” hip-hop. Mr. Moore has been blessed to reach so many people with his story and God’s story (as both are connected) and to give people hope and point them to Christ… and only God has done this. If God hasn’t blessed other Christians who rap in the same way…then I suppose that’s God’s business.

I don’t think Lecrae by putting that statement out there is being ungrateful or even angry — it seems he’s just being human, and humans get annoyed and disappointed often.

Although the press may get it wrong, Lecrae’s fans undoubtedly have his testimony right:

Bryce Himmelreich (Sept. 26, 2011 in response to “I Am Second” testimony) – “Lecrae this hit me hard. I’m only 14 but I know without a doubt that God is my future. I’ve started a Bible study. I lead it and share the Gospel throughout the day but I just cant get my mind out of the grasp of sin. You probably get a thousand comments an hour but if you read this, please pray for me. I know my identity is in Christ but I don’t know what I need to do to spread the Gospel in a new way that will get to my friends. Just know that this generation is not dead to Christ. We have hope and your doing an amazing job at what God has called you to do.”

Nanic Buya (in response to recent Facebook post) – “I gave up worldly hip hop 4 christian hip hop and it was worth cos I can see the difference between the two, Lecrae your music is so inspirational that I’m successfully persuading others 2 try it. Keep up the good work man. I love you; that’s all.”

Greg Bukovatz (Top Comment on Lecrae’s Facebook post) – “I can imagine how frustrating that is for you. Furthermore, you have co-laborers for Christ, all around you, that are just as talented and the media will not pick them up… It frustrates me that your hardest hitting music won’t get radio play on the Christian mainstream channels. It’s like even the Christian radio stations don’t want the truth of the gospel to be heard… #AboutChartsAndCash.”

Kyle Mcbride Lecrae (Top Comment on Lecrae’s Facebook post) – “I just wanted to say thank you! God has been moving mountains in my life and your music has helped me keep in constant worship and I am loving the music! God has given you an amazing gift and I am astounded that I have never heard this before! Thank you Thank you Thank you for helping me with this! I will be praying for you! Thank you again! Keep up the sickest beats and uplifting words!”

If you happen to read this, Lecrae, give the media a pass — being called a pastor isn’t so bad… and you may not have been in a gang, but you said you glorified gang life. Praise God, like your fans, that you “do” hip-hop so well.

ReachLife Ministries
Lecrae’s “I Am Second”


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