’18 Ways to Ruin Your Reputation on Facebook’

facebook engancha

facebook engancha (Photo credit: Wikipedia) has a great little list out about social media etiquette, specifically when it comes to Facebook. According to company owner Mark Zuckerberg, one billion people own a Facebook account…that’s a lot of people — the 2011 world population estimate was at 6,973,738,433. If you happen to be one of those billion people who own a Facebook account, you may want to check out this list of 18 ways you can surely ruin your reputation on the social network…by refusing to avoid these no-nos.

1. Post something out of frustration in the heat of the moment.
2. Criticize people.
3. Embarrass yourself.
4. Embarrass your family.
5. Criticize other churches in the community.
6. Only talk about your church.
7. Share everything posted to the church FB page.
8. Just talk about yourself.
9. Act like your life is perfect.

Surprised by some of those warnings listed? Read the full list of 18 ways to wreck your reputation on Facebook, and explanations, at


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