Lecrae’s Father Passes Away Hours Before NYC ‘Unashamed’ Concert?

According to fan comments online, Lecrae Moore of Reach Records apparently lost a family member before the NYC stop on the “Unashamed Tour 2012,” and it seems he was very emotional when he finally arrived. Fan comments indicate that Lecrae’s father, whom reportedly he never grew up with, is the one who died.

Mastershayster – “Have an all new respect for the entirety of Reach records. Lecrae came to the show last night late because of the passing of a family member. The crowd prayed for him and then the whole rest of the Reach rappers performed like 5 songs while we were waiting for him; and were still jumping and dancing like crazy men at 11:00 after 3 hour show. I was doubtful at first, but these guys are a really Christ centered FAMILY and that is how they treat us. Thank you guys.”

Krista Adour ‏@keadour – “Lecrae was late bc of a death in the family. He came + preformed a few songs-but most of all it was really anointed and powerful.”

Christina ‏- “Lecrae had a death in his immediate family though=/ So he took a late flight here and arrived at like 11:30..started crying on stage..:/”

This bit of news might explain why Lecrae tweeted on the NYC “Unashamed” concert: “NYC was emotional last night.”

Here are some more condolences and comments from his fans who appreciated him still turning out for the show:

Lamar Gibbs – “Just got back from the #Unashamed2012 concert..heart goes out 2 @lecrae who’s father passed away 2day yet still flew out late 2 minister … yeah, and the way he ministered is the most heartfelt I’ve seen him, it was real. He literally almost couldn’t be there.”

Jacquii Jackson  – “Man. I feel for him, with him not knowing him while he was growing. I hope he came to know and believe in Christ and his gospel.”

Lamar Gibbs – “The father even told Lecrae’s wife don’t worry about not being by me b4 I pass I know where I’m going..it was powerful.”

Leonard Latouche ‏- “Praying for @lecrae as he mourns the loss of his father! ‘though sorrow may last for the night, joy comes in the morning’ – Psalm 30:5”


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  2. […] Lecrae’s Father Passes Away Hours Before NYC ‘Unashamed’ Concert? (christculturenews.wordpress.com) […]

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