‘VaginaGate’ Keeps Rachel Held Evans’ ‘A Year of Biblical Womanhood’ From Lifeway Bookstores?

Rachel Held Evan’s “Biblical Womanhood”

Evangelical Christian author and blogger Rachel Held Evans‘ new book, “A Year of Biblical Womanhood,” will be available online and in store shelves — but not at Lifeway book stores. Why? Evans let her readers know on Thursday:

Since a lot of you have asked, (and in the spirit of Banned Books Week,) I thought I’d let you know that I recently received word that Lifeway has decided not to carry A Year of Biblical Womanhood in stores, presumably in the wake of the “vagina” controversy over the summer.

I’m disappointed, of course, and not just because I’ll take a hit in sales. While Lifeway certainly has every right to choose its own inventory, I think the notion that Christians should dance carefully around reality, that we should speak in euphemisms and only tell comfortable, sanitized stories, is a destructive one that has profoundly affected the evangelical culture as a whole.

I hope that by being honest about this journey through the publishing process, we can start engaging in conversations that will bring about change.

Of the 154 comments on Evans’ announcement, these two comments seem to be the most popular:

jamietheveryworstmissionary “Sometimes, when I’m working on my manuscript, I write something I’m not sure about and then I think, ‘How would LifeWay feel about this?’… And if they’d hate it, I leave it in. Can’t wait for your book, Rachel!”

DavidCramer “Yeah, I suspect this really had less to do about the actual word and more to do with the content. Or to put it another way, the word made a nice excuse not to stock a book by an egalitarian.

Read the details on Evans’ website.


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