Christ.Culture.News Has a New Home

Thanks to those of you who have been following Christ.Culture.News. The website has finally transitioned to its new home at There are still a few kinks to work out, but it’s up and running with the same great, fun content. Please subscribe to the new address to make sure you get the latest posts and updates from CCN in your inbox. Here’s what you might have missed:

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Christ.Culture.News Bombshell: Official Site Launch Coming in November!

Christ.Culture.News has moved. Go here for the new website:

Christ.Culture.News has moved. Go here for the new website:

Christ.Culture.News has moved. Go here for the new website:


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Yes, the post headline is a jab at Donald Trump, who continues to make no sense.


I want to thank the people who have started following Christ.Culture.News (CCN) since it’s birth in early October. The intention has been to launch an online magazine, and now that things are coming together, that will happen the first week of November.

That means I will not be publishing any new content for the next two weeks. But! — CCN’s Twitter feed @CCN_Online ( will still be updated frequently everyday, as well as the Christ.Culture.News Facebook page ( Please “follow” or “like” one or both of those social feeds if you haven’t already.

In addition, here is a clearer picture of the vision I have for Christ.Culture.News and why this publisher has been anonymous and must remain so for the time being.

As you might have read on the “About” page:


  • hopes to fill in and bridge the gaps neglected (purposefully or unwittingly) by existing Christian media.
  • will present news, information, and ideas reflective of the interests, viewpoints and concerns of those to whom Jesus Christ is both Savior and Lord.
  • will present the objective noted above from a biblical, gracious, loving and realistic worldview.
  • welcomes discussion from Christians and non-Christians who are willing to speak honestly, openly and respectfully.
  • will point the unsaved toward Jesus Christ.
  • hopes to contribute meaningfulness to the madness of our world.
  • will not take itself too seriously.

Christ.Culture.News is for those who love Christ and don’t mind a good laugh — at themselves, the Church and the world. Although focusing on serious issues related to Faith and Life as “aliens and strangers” in the world, the bulk of CCN’s content will always be lighthearted and socially interactive. There are plenty of other media, Christian and otherwise, covering the hardcore stuff. Who is looking at what Christians are chatting about online and how they are engaging on the Web? Who is keeping believers up to date on what’s going on with popular believers they admire and think are cool (read: Jeremy Lin, Lecrae, Jefferson Bethke, Tim Tebow, Lolo Jones, Meagan Good, etc.)? Answer: Christ.Culture.News.

Having said all of that, CCN does not view itself as a “competitor”. Christ.Culture.News is just a unique platform and a distinct voice.

The content speaks for itself, and will hopefully be improved up on as CCN comes into itself. I am open to suggestions, and welcome any constructive feedback and requests (for future content, content channels, etc.)

Why is this publisher anonymous? Answer: I work in the media/communications industry and don’t want to lose my job…just yet 🙂

My anonymity as a publisher, however, does not override my reverence of God nor my integrity as a follower of Christ.

Am I black, white, Asian, Hispanic or Cablinasian? Am I male or female? Does it matter?

In addition, I want to develop relationships with other like-minded publishers (indy and otherwise) who are all about God and realistic about life — which means I will be building a blogroll to reflect that goal. Eventually, I hope this network can develop link or banner exchanges and cross-featured content (let me know if you’re interested).

That is all.

For now.

Again, thank you for those followers who have found Christ.Culture.News to their liking, showing that there is a service CCN can provide.

While awaiting the November launch of Christ.Culture.News at, follow the publication on your Twitter and Facebook feeds:

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Your feedback is always appreciated. God bless.

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The Game Drops ‘Jesus Piece’ Album Cover Art, Sparks ‘Religion’ Debate

"Jesus Piece" album cover art from The Game

Rapper The Game tweeted this image for his new album Oct. 22, 2012: “My album cover is art & represents small pieces of things that I have embodied, embraced, struggled, grown…” (Photo: Twitter/@thegame)

Rapper The Game shared with his fans online today the artwork for his new fifth studio album “Jesus Piece,” writing: “My album cover is art & represents small pieces of things that I have embodied, embraced, struggled, grown…” The Game, who also recently got a Jesus piece tattooed on his back (see photos here) has shared recently that he was baptized in a Christian church late last year, but sees no need to fully change his lifestyle, which involves visiting strip clubs and smoking weed. As expected, the album cover art for “Jesus Pieces”, which has Jesus wearing his own Jesus piece (huh?) has sparked a bit of a debate among his fans and supporters and those who find his choice of art to be “blasphemous” and a “downgrading” Christ. Continue reading →